Defending My Title

I’m not really. Not defending my title, I mean. In my head I sort of feel like I am, but I’m not really. See, last year I won an Ariana award. Entries close on Friday for this year’s contest and I haven’t chosen my entries yet. I asked for some help over at my good friend ZAM’s Yahoo group. As always, the gang helped tremendously and I decided to enter a cover I did for a YA book and a sci-fi book, two categories I hadn’t entered last year. In all honesty, the sci-fi cover is my first in that genre and the YA only the second in that genre.


In the contemporary category where I won last year, I have two covers I could enter and the gang at ZAM’s is equally divided on which cover I should enter. One is a het romance and the other is a gay romance. The covers are as diverse as could be for falling into the same category.

And then there’s the paranormal category. My heart’s favorite is my own cover, but there are other good ones too. So how do I choose?

I could even enter in the historical category this year. I created two historical covers but only one of the books came out in the eligible period so I’m thinking maybe As Time Goes By will be my historical entry for next year.

I have until Friday morning to choose my entries so if you have an opinion on what I should enter, leave a comment and let me know!

And now, it’s Marcus time!

Ahhh. What a visual treat! Today’s been nothing but visuals for you. LOL I’m gonna head off to the cemetery and leave you all to ponder those covers. Don’t forget to let me know which ones you think I should enter in the Arianas.

Have a great Monday!

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