I Am Mom

I spent a good portion of the past weekend putting the finishing touches on my friend David’s new WordPress blog BellaDaddy. David is a Daddy blogger and I think I was more exposed to mommy and daddy bloggers this weekend than I’ve been in the whole 3+ years that I’ve been blogging. As I copied feed links and worked on widgets and badges, it dawned on me that these people are passionate about their children and their lives as parents. And they started to make me feel that I’d missed out on something.

Now, it’s pretty obvious to most people that I just don’t have the personality of a mommy blogger. Still, as I looked at those blogs, I almost wished I were. Not that I could be because my kid is 22 not 2. Whoever heard of a mommy blogger who posts about grown children?

As I finished the site, I realized that even though I could never be a mommy blogger for so many reasons, I am still a mom. I brag about my kid when she does something great. I worry about her when she’s far away as she is right now. I get angry when she does dumb stuff. And I just love her so much that I want everything to go right in her world.

Currently, she’s in Wisconsin enjoying her summer break of three weeks with a friend. If you go to my Facebook page and click on her page (she’s listed in the sidebar as my daughter) you’ll see some amazing photos of a waterfall that she took today. She looks like she’s having a great time despite her inauspicious start of having her second flight canceled due to bad weather, leaving her stranded in the Minneapolis airport.

So I’m not a mommy blogger. Meh. I am Mom and no one can take that away from me regardless of whether I post cute kid photos on my blog or not!

After all these weeks away due to moving and having my desktop computer die, I seriously need a Marcus to cheer me up. I’m missing my kid and finding it hard to regain my sea legs after so much time away. I missed you all, missed posting, missed Marcus…

But I love those bulging muscles! Heh. Boy, am I glad to be back!

Have a great Monday!

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