Six Sentence Sunday 24

I’m back and today is our last look at The Ruined Lady. (Sorry, Taryn!) This time, a little love between Nick and Carlisle.

“Oh, Nick, I love you so,” she moaned.

“I love you too, Carly. I love you more than life,” he whispered against her throat. “You are mine. We are one. Nothing will ever separate us again.”

She clutched him to her, holding him tightly. “Nothing,” she echoed, her heart fervently praying that it was so.

For more great SSS reading click HERE. Have a wonderful Sunday and a Happy Easter!

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16 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday 24

  1. jayel kaye says:

    uh-oh. Never is a very , very bad thing to say. This sounds very ominous to me

  2. Joyce Lansky says:

    Hot story! Hot guy in the pic too.


  3. Sweet, sensual and hot all at the same time. Great snippet, Lex!

  4. D L Jackson says:

    Love the declaration. Very hot.

  5. Lindsay says:

    Love the emotion between the two. Oh, and the girl in the pcx is hot

  6. Nice little snippet! 😀

  7. Love the photo, and a great little snippet of the story!

  8. Sarah Grimm says:

    Sweet six, with just a hint that it won’t be an easy road for them.

  9. Gem Sivad says:

    Tension underneath the sweet exchange with a hint that something will separate them. Great six!

    Happy Easter Lex!

  10. Sandi Sookoo says:

    aww, nice scene. Hope nothing rips them apart 🙂

    • They have a bit of a bumpy road, Sandi, but it’s mostly their fears. And they have a lot of people helping them so of course, it’s a HEA for them.

  11. Very sorry to see this one go. Like these characters a lot. (Especially Nick. Our first few glimpses of him were priceless.) Hope to be ab le to read it somewhere soon.

    • Taryn, when I start revising it, I’ll give you a holler and you can beta read it for me. I’m so glad you like Nick. He’s very different than most Regency heroes.

  12. Very sweet excerpt. Hot picture too!