Six Sentence Sunday 21

I entered The Ruined Lady in a historical contest awhile back and this week I learned that it didn’t final. However, I had great feedback from the judges, all of whom thought it just needed some work. Which I knew because after all, I wrote this years before I was published. It head hops all over the place. Anyway, I’m hanging onto their remarks and notes for when I have the time to revise this puppy and finish it and shop it to an agent.

And now, it’s time for more from Nick and Carlisle. I almost went with secondary characters this week but decided it’s best to show how things progressed between these two from last week’s post.

His eyes met hers over the slight curve of her belly and he could see that her fierce arousal matched his own. Dipping his head, he ran his tongue along her cleft. She cried out and her fingers clutched at his hair. He licked and sucked at her until she thrust her hips urgently against his face. Then his tongue stabbed the swollen bud of flesh that begged for his touch and she let out a muffled scream. He held her hips in his hands and sucked on the bud until he felt her flesh convulse.

Did you turn your fan on yet? *wink* Hope that heated up your Sunday! For more Six Sentence Sunday participants – who just might have hot excerpts too – click HERE. Have a good one!

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22 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday 21

  1. Eleri Stone says:

    Sexy as hell. Very nice ; )

  2. Laura Kaye says:

    Sorry about the contest 🙁 , though great you received useful comments. Love a man who knows how to use his tongue!

  3. Emily Cale says:

    Very nice and super HOT!

  4. hot stuff! I’m surprised this didn’t final.

  5. Marie Dees says:

    Wow, sensual six

  6. Lindsay says:

    Ok. Cold, very cold and long shower time.

  7. Kerrianne says:

    Very, very, very nice! *Drinks cold water*

  8. HOT! HOT! HOT!

    Didn’t final? You’re kidding me, right?

  9. Jay Di Meo says:

    Nice description!

  10. Gem Sivad says:

    Yes, yes, yes !!! Nothing muffled about my response.

    Hot and sexy six!


  11. Oh delicious- he holds her hips down. I love when a hero does that.

  12. Dee Carney says:

    Hot dayum. *fans self*

  13. Sarah Grimm says:

    Very hot! Nice job.

  14. sue says:

    yep – got my knickers in a twist !

  15. Arlene Webb says:

    Well crafted and sizzling sex scene, as usual. Between pace and word choices, the lines crackle.

  16. What a start to the day! Fan hell, I’m installing an extra air conditioner.

  17. Carol says:

    That WAS hot. Perhaps it was too early in the morning for me…what a long, long day this is going to be now. LOL!
    Well done!

  18. Jessica says:

    Oh, very nice. And extremely hot.

  19. Hot, hot, hot! Yes, I needed that fan.