Six Sentence Sunday 16

It’s Sunday and that means another six sentences from The Ruined Lady.

Oh, that Nick. We left him wondering whether he’d ever need to service himself again after his assignation with Carlisle at midnight. However, he still has the morning to get through…

With a groan he threw back the coverlet and rose, his lean muscular body stretching languidly. He rang for his valet, ignoring both his nudity and his arousal. Hawkins had seen him in worse condition.

The valet arrived and patently ignored his master’s erect member. Nick asked for a bath to be drawn and Hawkins disappeared to arrange it. Within ten minutes, the phalanx of footmen led by the valet had filled the deep tub in his dressing room and retreated, leaving Nick soaking neck deep in hot water while again contemplating his erection. It didn’t seem to want to go away.

At six sentences a week, we’ll all be contemplating Nick’s erection for some time to come. Hee hee. And that photo! Whew! It’s not a tub but it sure as hell will do! To see the other Sunday Six offerings by the other authors, click  HERE.

Have a rockin’ Sunday!

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30 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday 16

  1. Dee Carney says:

    And do tell us how he gets rid of it, please!

  2. Super Hot Excerpt to go with your Super Hot Pic! Loved it!

  3. Eleri Stone says:

    lol. Love this. And also I want an army of servants.

  4. I hope that guy gets to fix his problem! That's hot.

  5. Someone please hurry up and take care of his hard on. I can't take it anymore!!! LOL

    Lex, that pic is so not helping. Nummies. 😛

  6. Marie Dees says:

    LOL, Maybe he needs to take a hands on approach to the problem.

  7. Casi says:

    Well of course it doesn't want to go away. The girl with the magic hoohoo (Talk to the Smart Bitches Trashy Books women) isn't there.

    Love the six.

  8. Graylin Fox says:

    Wonderful Six! And that picture just stays with a girl…

  9. J.C. Martin says:

    Perhaps they should have drawn him a cold shower instead! What imagery, and I love that you used the word 'phalanx' to describe his footmen! You are not letting me forget about his erection even for one moment, are you? 😉

  10. So is there a world record for the longest…er…lasting erection?

    Great excerpt — Hawkins' upper lip isn't the only thing stiff in it!

  11. Interesting how Nick and his erection seem to be at odds…wonder how he'll reconcile that?

  12. Lex says:

    Lisa – I need the freezer whenever I look at that photo. LOL

    Jessica – He will. Although, I forget how much of it I describe.

    Kim – Even if he didn't do something about it, he's got a long night with his very hot lost love coming up!

    Ella – His hands get busy…

    Arlene – Hawkins is a bit of a prig and Nick likes to rattle his cage.

    Laurie – Hawkins hasn't seen Nick more debauched because Nick is sort of a one woman man. But the valet has seen Nick in a more startling condition than having a hard on. He saw him wounded from duels on several occasions.

    Jessica – Nick is a very heroic hero so contemplating his erection is a noble form of homage! 😉

    Laura – That is model Caco Ricci. He's seriously dark, dangerous, and sexy.

    Gem – Yep! More of Nick and his dick next week! 😉

    Lauri – It is rather fun, isn't it? LOL

    Dianne – There are worse images to have stuck in your head!

    Taryn – I'll post another photo of him next week.

    Gabrielle – Just wait. It gets better.

    Kay – Don't most men's erections have one?

    Jayel – See my comment to Kay! LOL

    Sandi – He does. There's only so much torment he's willing to take anymore.

    Lisa – Glad you enjoyed it!

  13. ROFLMAO at Kay's comment. "You almost gave his erection a personality!" OMG! Loved the comment and the post!

  14. Sandi Sookoo says:

    lol poor guy needs to fix that problem soon

  15. jayel kaye says:

    An erection with a minf of its own. Gotta love it

  16. I love how you gave his erection almost a personality.

  17. Gabrielle says:

    Wow now that was something!

  18. Perfect picture. (I can't tell you how much time I spent trying to determine whether that's his hand or his junk. And since it looks like his arm's behind him….) Soooooooo fitting.

    I'm half-aroused by Nick myself! Can't wait for the rest of this!

  19. I'll carry that image around all day!

  20. Lisa Fox says:

    Nick really does need to make a decision.

    Love that picture!

  21. Gem Sivad says:

    I've been contemplating. Now I need to know what he's going to do with it?

    Hmmm…. next week ?


  22. Laura Kaye says:

    Yes, do let us continue to contemplate that erection! Phew! That picture is insane!

  23. Jessica says:

    I think I'll be perfectly happy contemplating Nick's erection for as long as it takes.

  24. Hawkins had seen him in worse condition.

    LOL Love that. Great scene. Very…um, thought provoking. And what a great image to go with it.

  25. Arlene Webb says:

    wow. wish I could be his valet. Love how non chalant he is about his condition.

  26. Ella Drake says:

    Poor guy! He needs a hand with that, doesn't he?

  27. Kim Knox says:

    Very nice, Lex. And as Jessica said, he really should do something about it 😀

  28. OMG, that is a problem. He really should do something about it. 🙂 And a hot picture to match.

  29. WOW! Had to stuff my head in the freezer over that excerpt. lol. Now I'll be waiting impatiently for the next Six Sentence Sunday!!