Six Sentence Sunday 10

I’m back after a month of holiday giveaways on this blog. Whew! It seemed like a long December posting every day! Won’t do that again until next Thanksgiving. 😉

We return now to James and Rachel of One Hot Number with a peek into James’s head as he undresses her. There’s a lot more to their relationship than just a rock star and his accountant.

When Rachel’s breath hitched in her throat, James knew there was no turning back. She’d committed herself to the act, to him. He slipped his fingers beneath the straps of her bra, pushing them off her shoulders. The material sagged and her rosy aureoles peeped over the edge of the falling lace. His possessiveness returned in force and he knew that he’d committed himself to the act as well, locked door or not. When it came to Rachel, James knew no boundaries.

Hope you enjoyed this snippet of One Hot Number. For more fun, check out the other Sunday Six authors  HERE.

Have a great Sunday!

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24 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday 10

  1. Dawne Prochilo says:

    WOW- turnon the AC- great excerpt Lex

  2. Fedora says:

    Nice!!! Thanks, Lex!

  3. martymankins says:

    Ok, that picture is hot. Very hot.

  4. Sara Brookes says:

    No boundaries is a good, good thing.

  5. Mmm. Sounds good to me. 😀

  6. Eve Cassidy says:

    Ooh very sexy indeed! Everyone finds the hottest pictures. I must find out the sources.

  7. Stacey Kennedy says:

    I want him…enough said! 😀

  8. kerrianne says:

    This is very hot x

  9. Graylin Fox says:

    Lovely snippet.. I like this couple.

  10. Lex says:

    I'm glad you all missed James and Rachel! There's only a bit more of them because I need to finish it quickly and send it to my editor. Once it's gone from my hands, I'll be doing first kisses from each of my Tales books…sort of a Valentine's thing. 😉

  11. Eleri Stone says:

    They make such a hot couple. Love James and Rachel.

  12. Love the chemistry between these two in every snippet. Wonderful job, Lex!

  13. Oh wow!! So hot!!! and the picture! Mrowl!



  14. Lyncee says:

    Yup – she's committed – lucky girl

  15. Fallon Blake says:

    Yum. I want more than just this little tease though!

  16. jayelKaye says:

    these two are a great couple.glad to see them again.

  17. Lisa Fox says:

    James and Rachel are SO hot! Just awesome.

  18. Sarah Grimm says:

    Very hot! I love it.

  19. Missed you.

    They are taking account for their actions, yes? Yes!

  20. Dee Carney says:

    Oh happy sigh! I love it! (And that pic is too good awesome!)

  21. This definitely is 'One Hot Number'! I've missed excerpts from this story. Glad you're back!