30 Days of Christmas: Day 30

Well, we made it to Christmas. Day 30. Whew! It’s been an awesome month, hasn’t it? This has gone over so well, I’m going to make it an annual event and hopefully will be able to give away one of my books plus a book by a friend each of the 30 days next year.

The winner of the Christmas Eve prize of the Phoenix Prophecy trilogy is Teresa Warner! Congratulations and I do hope you enjoy this trio of novellas about brothers who are strangers coming together to fight a common enemy.

For the last gift, I have an entire series for you. My Christmas Cowboys series began in 2008 with a free short story called Christmas Hookup. There’s been a tremendous response to Hookup over the course of three Christmas seasons and I would like to thank all the readers who downloaded it, sent me email about it, reviewed it, and told others about it.

The subsequent stories in the series haven’t been free but I hope that readers liked Hookup enough to want to know what else Forbes Ranch and Heil, California had in store for them. I hope you’ve all been able to see growth in my writing with each book that has come along. And I hope that everyone can feel the love that goes into these characters as they find their Christmas Eve HEAs. I’m already planning next year’s installment because I’ve grown to love this tradition and this world so much.

And so it’s with a heart filled with the spirit of Christmas that I give you the Christmas Cowboys series, four short works, four unforgettable Christmas Eve love stories, one Christmas Day winner.

Christmas Hookup

Christmas Cowboys Series #1

Pink Petal Books

M/F, Erotic Contemporary Holiday Story



A hot cowboy, a class reunion on Christmas Eve, a stumble in the parking lot… Elle literally falls into Riley’s hands in the country club parking lot. Sparks ignite and lead to a very hot hookup with a twist at the end! If you love hot erotica, but still want that Gift of the Magi warm, fuzzy feeling, this book is for you!


Riley’s shirt was still untucked from earlier. Elle yanked at the buttons and a few popped off. Ripping the shirt from his torso, she pulled her mouth from his and stared at him. He was perfection. Well, almost. She saw a few scars that she knew had been airbrushed out of his photos. One jagged one across his ribs. Another along his side, disappearing into his jeans. She touched the one on his ribs, the white scar bright against his tanned skin.

At her touch, Riley flinched. She looked up at him curiously, a question in her eyes. He shook his head. “Doesn’t hurt, darlin’. It’s old. A fight with some barbed wire.”

She traced the other scar to the waist of his jeans. “And this one?”

He sighed a little. “Car accident. SUV flipped.”

A wave of ice wrapped around Elle’s gut. “How bad?

He shrugged. “Bad enough. But it was more than ten years ago, around the time you left, I guess. I was just a kid at the time. New driver. Wet road. Massive stupidity.”

“I’m glad you’re okay,” she whispered, bending to kiss the barbed wire scar.

Riley sucked in a breath. “But I’m not, Elle. I ache,” he groaned, as her fingers slipped inside the waistband of his jeans seeking the rest of the scar.

Elle smiled seductively, her hips rubbing against his. In her heels, she was six feet tall, but Riley still topped her by a couple of inches. Stroking her hands over his chest and shoulders, she explored every inch of his hard torso. Touching him felt amazing. For a thirty year old man who’d spent the last eight years under the hot unrelenting lights of a photoshoot, his skin looked young and supple. When she gazed at his face, she could see some sun lines and squint lines, but really, he didn’t look thirty to her. He looked very young and very hot. She rubbed a hand over the placket covering his zipper… and very hard.

Riley nuzzled her neck, licking the place behind her ear. She shivered, then tensed as his fingers found the halter top’s clasp behind her neck. He unhooked it and the glittery material fell to her waist, baring her breasts. He groaned again.

“Holy shit. You have the most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen, darlin’,” he muttered as his fingers instinctively moved to cup them and caress the soft flesh.

Her dark eyes flicked down. His big palms were curved around her pale flesh, his thumbs flicking over the pink nipples. They tightened to hard points and gooseflesh rose on her creamy skin. The sight was erotic, especially since her bare chest was only an inch or two from his.

When she made a small strangled sound in the back of her throat, Riley’s eyes met hers. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just… I… oh, God, looking at your hands touching me, watching my nipples get hard from your touch, I just… I want…” Elle broke off. She didn’t know how to articulate what she was feeling.

Riley nodded and one of his hands left her breast to pick up her hand. He placed it on his abdomen. Elle stroked the ridges of his muscles, tracing his six pack. She could feel the tension in his body. It wasn’t any different than the tension that was stringing her body tighter than a bow.

“Can we dispense with the preliminaries and just… you know?” she asked, afraid her pussy was going to start dripping cream down her thighs from the unbearable lust raging inside her.

Without answering her, Riley unhooked her halter top at the waist, and pulled down the zipper of her skirt. When her clothes hit the floor, his breath hissed in loudly. Elle was left standing in the sexy Stuart Weitzman spike heeled pumps, black stockings, and a red garter belt with matching string bikini panties.

“Thank you, Santa,” Riley muttered, his hands stroking over the silky stockings and satin garter belt.

Christmas in Hell

Christmas Cowboys Series #2

Pink Petal Books

M/F, Erotic Contemporary Holiday Story


Devon Marsh is resigned to spending Christmas in Hell. A city girl, Devon accompanies her boss to their family ranch where she feels out of place. Even worse, she is faced with the prospect of dealing with former rodeo star Jared Abbott, one of the cowboys on the ranch. Sexy as hell Jared spins Devon’s wheels in a big way, but in the past, he’s made it clear that he despises her. When the two of them are caught in a rainstorm on Christmas Eve, emotions run high and ignite into passion. Can cowboy Jared convince city girl Devon that living in a town that smells of horse and cow poo is worth it if she has him?


Strong hands slammed Jared into the side of a stall. He shook his head, droplets of water flying from the strands.

“What the hell, Jared? Don’t you ever watch the fucking Weather Channel?”

He shrugged, his attention and libido captured by a pair of angry amber eyes that he could see quite clearly in the light from the lantern. “There wasn’t a cloud in the sky earlier,” he offered lamely.

Devon growled at him, then stomped across the stall, kicking the stale hay. She reached for her long auburn curls, wringing out the water and twisting it into a loose braid that hung almost to the curve of her gorgeous ass. Jared stared at that ass, the wet jeans molded to every luscious inch of her. He sighed in satisfaction. Nothing was sexier than Devon in a snit, unless it was a wet Devon in a snit. The things the woman did to him without even trying should be illegal.

Hearing his sigh, she whipped around, her oval face set in furious lines. “Don’t tell me you’re fine with this mess,” she snapped, her eyes glittering with icy rage.

He shrugged again and saw her eyes drop from his face to his shoulders. A smile twitched the corner of his mouth as he saw her nipples bead. “Well, I’m not happy about my truck being stuck in the mud in the middle of a storm, but at least we found shelter.”

“Shelter!” Devon exclaimed, stomping over to him. “You call this ramshackle stack of wood shelter?”

The fury on her face made his cock ache. Jared wondered if she could see the erection that strained the front of his jeans. Then he decided she stood too close to him to see it.  In fact, she was so close, her breasts, encased in a sopping wet t-shirt, were nearly pressed to his chest. He suppressed a shudder of desire. He’d been on the verge of a raging hard on all day. Her hair and skin had smelled like apricots in the close confines of the truck and sharing popcorn with her during the movie had been torture. He’d spent all his time watching from the corner of his eyes as she put popcorn in her mouth. He had no clue what the movie had been about. Now, he was trapped in a barn with her on Christmas Eve. Santa must have seen his wish list. Not that he wished for that specifically, but alone time with Devon had been his number one wish.

“C’mon, Devon. Lighten up. You know it’s always been your fantasy to get caught in the rain and seduce me in a rickety barn,” he murmured teasingly, as his lips tucked up in a smile.

Her eyes narrowed, but he noticed that her breathing had become erratic. He grabbed the end of her braid, pulling her head back gently. “It’s a barn, Devon. I’ll be your stallion. You can ride me all night until the rain lets up.” His whisper ruffled the loose curls at the edge of her jaw and he felt her tense, heard her breath catch in her throat.

“Cheesy bastard,” she hissed, but her words had no venom.

“This is the best thing that could have happened to us.” Jared’s hands cupped her ass in the wet denim, pulling her against him. She moaned.

“Maybe in your dreams,” she whispered as she rubbed her swollen breasts against him.

“You are my dream,” he confessed.

This was the opportunity he’d waited for. For a year he’d lusted after her, thinking she had a crush on his boss… But now, he knew the truth. She was his for the taking.

“Rider up!” she murmured, her hands unzipping his jeans.

Jared didn’t suppress the shudder this time. He let her feel exactly what she did to him. He forgot about how wet they both were. Forgot about his baby stuck in the mud. Forgot that it was Christmas Eve as Devon’s fingers slipped beneath the waistband of his briefs. He moaned.

“I’ve dreamed of you touching me for more than a year,” he gasped, finding it hard to breathe as her cool damp fingers wrapped around his erection.

She leaned against him, nuzzling his throat. “Shut up and get naked, cowboy,” she whispered.

Christmas Catch

Christmas Cowboys Series #3

Pink Petal Books

M/M, Erotic Contemporary Holiday Story


Mitchell Caulfield’s soul is as wounded as his body once was. The former Air Force pilot, forced to retire after being shot down over Afghanistan suffers from PTSD. Working as a bodyguard to supermodel Riley Forbes, Mitch accompanies the model and his wife home to the ranch for Christmas. There he meets Riley’s cousin Grayson, a former rodeo star who now runs Forbes Ranch. Can the magic of Christmas bring two men from diverse backgrounds together? And will they open their hearts to the possibility of love?


“I’m so glad you’re here.”

Mitch’s sibilant whisper came right before his mouth took Gray’s in a searing kiss.

Shocked to the core, Gray could do nothing but acquiesce when Mitch’s tongue sought entrance to his mouth. With heated strokes, the pilot’s hands roamed over Gray’s naked back while his hips thrust upward, pressing his erection firmly against Gray’s.

Lust swept through Gray as he let his tongue tangle with Mitch’s. Until this moment, he hadn’t admitted how attracted he’d been to the ex-Air Force officer. He knew the military had a don’t ask, don’t tell policy and because of it, many gays steered clear of that career path. Mitch looked straighter than a het man and hadn’t set off Gray’s gaydar at all, so he hadn’t questioned the possibility that the man was more than he appeared. This, despite the fact that Gray himself was a walking advertisement for not broadcasting his sexual preferences via his appearance.

“Oh, hell. You’re so hot,” Mitch murmured, his hands slipping between their bodies to unzip Gray’s jeans, before rolling him to his back.

Head spinning, Gray found himself naked and spread beneath Mitch’s body in a matter of moments. He stared up at the man’s brilliant midnight blue eyes. Shit. The other man was 100% wide awake.

“Mitch, I-I can…” His mouth stammered the beginnings of an explanation for being in Mitch’s room, but the pilot cut him off with a quick, hard kiss.

“Shut up, Gray. Unless you’re going to tell me to stop.” He rubbed his cock against Gray’s and his eyes darkened. “You’re not, are you?”

“I-I…” Gray tried to order his scattered thoughts. “You’re gay?”

Mitch smiled, his handsome face lighting with amusement. “As gay as you. Now, do you wanna talk or do you wanna fuck, cowboy?” The pilot’s hand stroked over Gray’s bare abdomen and settled around the thick erection that curved along his belly.

Eyes narrowed suspiciously, Gray said, “You seem to have gotten over your nightmare.”

Pain flashed in Mitch’s dark blue irises. “They’re bad when I’m in them, but I usually wake quickly. Sometimes I don’t even remember the details of the dreams. I fell asleep thinking about you, wondering how I could get you to notice me.” He shrugged. “Bad as the dreams can be, I’m sorta grateful to them tonight.”

Gray accepted his explanation of the nightmares. Then his brain registered the rest of Mitch’s words. “Notice you?” His brows rose. “I’ve been driving myself nuts ever since you got here wondering how to get my cousin’s straight bodyguard out of my head.”

A rich chuckle escaped Mitch and he stroked Gray’s cock slowly. “You thought I was straight? Didn’t Riley tell you I’m as queer as a three dollar bill?” he said with amusement.

Gray’s hips began thrusting toward Mitch as pleasure spiraled through his body. “I can see I’m gonna have to have a little chat with my cousin. Riley didn’t tell me jack,” he grumbled.

“Well, I’m gay and you’re gay. I think you’re pretty damn hot and I can tell…” Mitch broke off and rubbed his thumb over the head of Gray’s cock, spreading the pre-cum over it. “… you seem to like me too. So how about it, Gray? Tell me I can save a horse and ride a cowboy.”

A groan broke from Gray, half pleasure from the feel of Mitch’s hand pumping his cock and half disgust at the trite old cowboy joke.  “Condoms? Lube?” he panted, suddenly uncaring that he appeared a total slut. Sometimes being a manwhore could be an advantageous thing.

Christmas Wishes

Christmas Cowboys Series #4

Pink Petal Books

M/F Erotic Contemporary Holiday story


When two lonely people wish on the Christmas star, the miracle of love makes their wishes come true.

Bradley Marsh is spending Christmas with his sister Devon and her husband Jared. In the past, he managed to avoid the holidays at Forbes Ranch. But now, he’s there and faced with the woman he’s wanted for eight years.  With his 30th birthday on the horizon and all his friends settling down, Brad’s tired of being single and tired of yearning for a woman who doesn’t know he exists. This year, his only wish is to make the woman of his dreams his own.

For years, Anne-Marie Mallory’s mourned the death of her husband and high school sweetheart Danny. But more recently, she’s had her eye on hunky younger man Brad Marsh even though she’s sure his crush is because he feels sorry for her. She wishes Brad would stop seeing her as the grieving widow of a decorated war hero and start seeing her as a woman in her prime who needs a man like him to make her holiday – and her life – complete.


The knee between his thighs nudged his balls. He turned his head and found Anne-Marie gazing at him, her long dark hair haloing her face from the depths of the white-slipped pillow. She looked like a naughty angel, languorous and sated. He smiled at her with lascivious intent.

“How old were you when you learned to ride?” he asked softly.

Confusion clouded her eyes. “I dunno. Four-ish I guess. Maybe five. Why?”

Brad let his grin widen as he reached for the remains of a strip of condoms Anne-Marie had produced when they’d gone upstairs. “You must be a good rider.”

Her bare shoulder raised in a shrug and when she spoke her voice was husky from sleep and sex. “You could say so. I never did stuff like barrel racing though. I wasn’t into the whole rodeo thing.”

“Doesn’t matter. I’m sure you’re an excellent rider.” Deftly he sheathed himself. “I’m all saddled up now. Time for this cowgirl to ride,” he said as he pulled her on top of his body.

Anne-Marie hissed out a breath. The wet glide of her pussy along his cock made him moan. Her hips undulated and he watched the sway of her breasts at the movement. Her coral nipples were hard twists of flesh, turning more ruddy by the minute as her arousal increased. She reached between their bodies and took hold of his cock. He groaned at the pressure of her hand sliding along his hard length. Then, with a swift twist of her hips, she sank down on him.

Brad thought he’d died and gone to heaven. The feel of her wet, velvet flesh tightly encasing his cock made him want to fall into a coma of bliss. He didn’t want the sensation to ever end. But then everything kicked into high gear. Anne-Marie rode him like the consummate horsewoman that she was. Her hips rolled and snapped. Her thighs gripped. And her inner muscles milked him.

He stroked the parts of her he could reach, up her back, down her arms, her breasts and belly. He slipped his fingers between them and flicked her distended clit. She jerked and cried out as an orgasm hit her. She rocked harder on him, her palms braced flat on his chest.

Staring at the lust that infused her expression, he grabbed her by the hips and thrust up into her. She cried out and tossed her head, thrusting her breasts out toward him. He reached up and squeezed her breasts together, pinching one nipple as he thrust again. And then her pussy clamped down on him, and he found himself coming, his cock throbbing within her.

For a chance to win these four books, comment on this post by midnight Eastern/9 pm Pacific time Christmas night.

If you already have part of this series, go ahead and tell me the book you DON’T have but want.

And don’t forget, the first book in the series is available for EVERYONE. All you need to do is click the link, go to Pink Petal Books, and download it. And while you’re at PPB, go ahead and download my other free Christmas short story, A Very Cougar Christmas.

The very best of the holiday season to you and yours. Merry Christmas!

This contest is now closed and the final winner is Kelly! I believe there might still be a chance at winning Christmas Catch over at Jessewave’s big giveaway.

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