Oooh, sparkly. That would be me. I wore sequins to the company Christmas party. A sequined top and sequined ballet flats. My shrug sweater had silver threads. I sparkled.

Funny how sparkles can make you look a whole lot more interesting than regular clothes. It’s probably why that Meyer woman decided to make her vampires sparkle. They are a whole lot more interesting – in a WTF kind of way mostly – because they sparkle. A lot of people complimented me, so I suppose I looked a lot more interesting wearing sequins than I do in an Eddie Bauer sweater.  Either that or they all thought I was a vampire and figured they’d better be nice.

I had a good time even if I didn’t play black jack (it was Casino Night) and I won a huge memory foam contour pillow which I promptly gave to Rott the moment I got home. I had a snack and a Mr. Misty and watched women’s college volleyball with Rott on the big screen and wow! Next thing I knew it was midnight! I was still sparkly and floaty and feeling good from a nice evening and so many compliments on the sequins. I should wear them every day. 😉

Before I post Marcus and stumble off to work, let me remind you to visit the Lex Valentine blog daily and leave a comment for a chance to win that day’s book. Today’s book is my bestselling gay for you paranormal novel Fire Season. This book has been critically acclaimed and still outsells everything else I do. If you’ve been wanting to see what all the fuss is about, this is your chance to maybe do it for free!

Now, I need a really sexy Marcus today to combat my sleepies. I need something so hot it will perk me right up…

You can click that puppy for a bigger image. While you’re doing that, I need to find my drool bib…

Ahhh. I feel better now, with or without sequins!

Have a great Monday!

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