30 Days of Christmas:Day 9

Yesterday’s winner of The Pixie Prince is Carlie! Today, I’m giving away a copy of The Wise Guy. This is the first release I ever had although it wasn’t my first contract or even my first submission. It was, however, the first book I wrote on proposal. Since then, a lot of what I write is on proposal.

OH! One bit of news before I get on with today’s giveaway. As some of you may know, I’ve been envisioning cover model Julian Fantechi as black dragon Sean Antaeus for the cover of Force Majeure, the last Tales of the Darkworld book. I’ve got Jimmy Thomas lined up as werewolf Ruan McCallan for Thunder and Myth, book 8.  This week I finalized the cover of Rain of Tears, book 9 which is Magia Alfred Stone’s story. Cover model Jason Baca is featured on the cover as the face (and body!) of Alfred Stone. You can see the cover over at Winterheart Design.

Now, here’s today’s prize!

Sunday’s Child – The Wise Guy

Noble Romance Publishing

M/F, witches/warlocks (Magia), erotic paranormal romance



Randall Wise is the quintessential good guy. However, all of his friends are married and he’s still single. Rand is positive that good guys finish last at love and decides he needs to change if he’s ever going to find the woman for him. Brenna Thorne is a klutzy but cute would be witch who moves in next door to Rand. Men always think of Brenna like a sister. They never see her as girlfriend or mate material. Brenna longs for a man of her own who sees her sexy side and all the love she has to give. A little magic from Rand’s godparents, a familiar who isn’t a familiar, and a host of well meaning, but surprising friends help Rand and Brenna see that all you need to find your mate is a heart that is open to love.


Rand and Brenna are a really fun couple and I had a great time writing them! To be entered to win, post a comment before midnight Eastern/9 pm Pacific time. And don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see what the next prize is!

Have a great day!

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14 Responses to 30 Days of Christmas:Day 9

  1. desi reilly says:

    wow i love to see what happen in the book have good day pick me pick me

  2. Kelly Thrash says:

    So far I've loved everyhting I've read by you and I have no doubt that I'd love this one too! 🙂 All of your books are in my TBB mountain I just need to try and tackle this TBR mountain so I can buy more! 🙂 Thanks so much for this awesome contest!!


    kittykelly28 @ hotmail.com

  3. Sherry S. says:

    This looks like a great book. Love the contest.

  4. Yadira A. says:

    I've heard of all of those model names Lex… that's really awesome that they're going to be on your covers!

    Love the excerpt for The Wise Guy and the cover is pretty hot too:)


  5. Sheila says:

    The Wise Guy sounds good. A good title for this season also. Congrats on your model selection.

  6. Debby says:

    Sounds like another great read. Love it

  7. Joder says:

    What a fun sounding story! I like the theme of where they start as friends/neighbors and move on to more. Sexy and sweet at the same time.

  8. A muse? Not really. It's pretty well-known that my old man has been to rehab and has "issues." My life can be very hand to mouth sometimes and uber depressing. When it takes a downturn I retreat into my head. It's something I've done since I was a child. Making up other worlds and the people who populate them is what keeps me sane. So, no muse. Just a never ending need to escape my life.

  9. Carlie A. says:

    Just had to come by and say…thanks again. All your books just look so great.

    Do you have a muse?


  10. Fedora says:

    This sounds like such fun and cute story! The cover's pretty eye-catching, too! Adding it to the ol' TBB, Lex!

  11. Jo Ann White says:

    As always this sounds like a great read! i love magic!

  12. Terra Pennington says:

    A witches and a warlocks now this would be a new type read for me. LOL another good looking cover to boot. Sunday Chid. Lex I need to just write your name on my wish list and get all your books.

  13. Gabrielle says:

    This sounds like a great read. I love when magic playa a part in a story.

  14. Brandy B says:

    Hi… The Wise Guy sounds good. I love magic & witches. Please enter me in your contest 🙂