30 Days

Ta da! I’m unveiling a big contest for readers and fans of my books and the books of some dear friends. For the next 30 days, beginning tomorrow and ending on Christmas, I’ll be giving away books. Up for grabs is my entire backlist plus some books by friends. I was going to do it here on Sunlight Sucks but I don’t want to disrupt my regular routine here so this will take place on the Lex Valentine blog.

Every day a random commenter will be chosen at midnight Eastern time for the book of the day. So if you’ve already read that day’s book and don’t want a another copy don’t comment on that day or if you must comment, just mention that you’re not entering that day’s contest. We’ll be starting tomorrow with my newest release from MLR Press, Honorable Silence. The rest of November will be all my books. Then, when we get to December, we’ll shift into high gear by giving away Regina Carlysle’s new print book. You won’t want to miss the 30 Days of Christmas at LexValentine.com!

Authors participating include: Lex Valentine (me!), Regina Carlysle, Jennifer Leeland, Mary Winter, Dee Carney, Z.A. Maxfield, Jan Irving, Karenna Colcroft, Debbie Gould, Selena Illyria, Jaime Samms, Jambrea Jo Jones, Lisa Alexander-Griffin, Patric Michael, Lisa Troy, Aeryn Traxx.

Here’s the lineup currently for the 30 Days of Christmas:


26: Honorable Silence – Lex Valentine, Maura Anderson, George Seaton, William Maltese

27:  Shifting Winds, Hot Water – Lex Valentine

28: The Art of Losing – Lisa Troy

29: Weirdly III – Anthology including stories by Lex Valentine, Marty Mankins and more

30: Love Me Dead – Lex Valentine, AM Riley, William Maltese


1: Lone Star Beasts – Regina Carlysle

2: Rock My World – Lex Valentine

3: The Pixie Prince – Lex Valentine

4: The Wise Guy – Lex Valentine

5: Polar Heat – Mary Winter

6: Insolence – Lex Valentine

7: Mating, Runaways – Lex Valentine

8: November Rain – Debbie Gould

9: Eternal Love – Karenna Colcroft

10: Heart of Stone – Dee Carney

11: Tartan Mate – Selena Illyria

12: Jesse – Jan Irving

13: Fire Season – Lex Valentine

14: Ride the Lightning – Lex Valentine

15: Common Ground – Lex Valentine

16:  Sunstroked – Lex Valentine

17: The Santa Mug – Patric Michael (The first of the Christmas themed stories)

18: Aeryn Traxx (a Christmas story,  title TBA)

19: Hand of Fate – Lisa Alexander-Griffin (a Christmas story)

20: Goodbye Scrooge – Jaime Samms (a Christmas story)

21: Wishing Star – Jambrea Jo Jones (a Christmas story)

22: The Christmas She Rules – Jennifer Leeland

23: Z.A. Maxfield ( a Christmas story, title TBA)

24: The Phoenix Prophecy – all three books (Deeper Than the Ocean – Dee Carney, Playing Wolf – Mina Carter, Where There’s Smoke – Lex Valentine)

25: The Christmas Cowboys series – Lex Valentine (Christmas Hookup, Christmas in Hell, Christmas Catch, Christmas Wishes)

This could change a little if some of the people I didn’t hear from get back to me in the next few days.  This is a great lineup of books you could win, everything from M/M to dark spooky tales, stories both sweet and erotic, contemporary to paranormal. I think there is something here for everyone!

I’ll be over at Literary Nymphs’ Thanksgiving Weekend M/M chat for a bit on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There should be lots of hot excerpts and book talk for fans of the genre.

I hope you all had a magnificent Thanksgiving. Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend and great Black Friday bargains!

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4 Responses to 30 Days

  1. martymankins says:

    An awesome collection of your works to be given away.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  2. martymankins says:

    An awesome collection of your works to be given away.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  3. Wow! This is quite a list! Some major holiday swag! Count me in!

  4. Wow! This is quite a list! Some major holiday swag! Count me in!