I’m late. It’s cause 1) I’m sick with a sore throat and 2) I can never make the scheduling thing work! If someone could teach me I would appreciate it!

Anyway, I had an idea-fest this weekend. Oh, I thought up all sorts of fun things. Some things I cannot talk about yet. Other things I can. One is a slight change for this blog. I’ve only had the one guest post thus far (Mandy Roth and Michelle Pillow) and they did so well with all of you that I thought we’d give TVC the chance to be a real mascot here. I came up with Wicked Wednesday where I give guest bloggers a chance to talk about vampires and vampire books and movies. But no Twilight. Not ever. Oh, no.

So this Wednesday the Wickedest author I know will be here talking about the vampire hero in her new Carina Press book Hunger Aroused. Dee Carney writes hot characters and I am a very lucky lil author to be able to call her a good friend! If you like your vampires hot and intelligent, you cannot go wrong with Dee’s book. This will give you vampire fans a chance to look at some new books coming down the pike. I also like the idea of dusting off TVC and letting him have a little “face” time. I was so tickled when Dave2 created him. Now, he’ll get to show up more often. 😉

If any of you non-author readers of my blog are interested in doing movie reviews or book reviews of vampire themed things please feel free to email me and I’ll schedule you on a Wicked Wednesday. It’s all about the vampires, baby!

Things are quiet on the home front. I screamed myself silly on Saturday when Zenyatta was beat in the Breeder’s Cup and I scared the crap out of Rott. My horses in the DerbyFever game did okay. I had a few nice wins. I’ve been stockpiling breeding points most of the year and now I’m pondering how to spend them in January. Yes, I have very devious breeding plans…

I’ve been making some new covers for Passion In Print and MLR Press. You’ll find those over at Winterheart Design as the authors approve them. Also, I’ve got two releases this week. If things go as planned MLR Press will release Honorable Silence on Veteran’s Day. It’s a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell anthology and my novella is Afterburner. The book also features works by William Maltese, George Seaton, and Maura Anderson.

Also being released this week is Rock My World. This is my first book at Ellora’s Cave and I can’t tell you how exciting it is! This story has spawned some other ideas for me, one of which is already in the works. You can get a taste of the WIP by checking out my Six Sentence Sunday post over on the Lex Valentine blog.

Since I need to get my behind to the office I’m going to give you a nice new Marcus and head off into the sunrise…

Did I ever mention that I like his shirtless photos best? Well, I do!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to share the deets of some other parts of my idea-fest soon. I just have some stuff to work out before I spill the beans.

Wishing you all a very happy Monday!

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2 Responses to Idea-fest

  1. Carol says:

    Hope you feel better!
    And good for you with the new ideas!
    Oh—teach organization? Oh, if only I WAS organized!

  2. Carol says:

    Hope you feel better!
    And good for you with the new ideas!
    Oh—teach organization? Oh, if only I WAS organized!