Not Again!

I had hoped the hot weather was done with us after the horrid week with a 107 degree day in it. Last week was cool and rainy and just perfect. Then the weekend racheted up to 90. UGH. And all I could think was…not again! It’s freaking October! No. More. Heat. PLEASE.

So of course, as is my way, I didn’t sleep much. I’m headed into a busy week at the office and at home on very little fuel in my tank. At work I have training and commissions for payroll and a Christmas committee meeting. At home I have to finish the final chapter of Unbreak Me for PPB and start on In the Light for the Wishing on a Blue Star project.

Last week in the cooler temps I managed to put up my Five Dark Realms website complete with a forum and a chatroom. I redid the header for Tales of the Darkworld too. Now, I need to revamp the verbiage on Tales to reflect only that series and I need to add verbiage to the Realms site. I did however get the books up at Realms on both the site and the forum.

If you’re interested in discussing the books, join the forum because eventually, we will be talking about them and the characters.

Before I go, it’s time for a little Marcus!

Isn’t he simply yummeh? Now, this kind of heat I can handle!

Have a great Monday!

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