Six Sentence Sunday 2

I’ve been remiss about doing this. Blame it on my many deadlines. I’m not even sure anyone will be by to see this since I’m a West Coast person and this has to be posted by 9 am EST time. Yeah, 6 am on a Sunday comes awfully early and the auto post function on this blog has never worked right so here I sit disappointed.

I understand the reasoning behind the deadline and how it’s not fair to the others and all…but I have to admit (no offense to Sara and this particular event) that there are so many things related to promo in this industry that are on Eastern time only that feels unfair to those of us who live on the opposite side of the country.  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been sent promo opportunities and gotten excited until I saw that it’s once again geared for those on Eastern time (or who don’t work outside the home) which leaves me right out. I guess I just need to get up on the weekends like I do for work days.

*sigh* Rant and disappointment over.

Anyway, just in case someone comes by, this week I’m taking up where I left off with Tait and Ren from Unbreak Me…

“I’m here to buy the stone from you.” Her voice sounded raspy and weak to her own ears.

A bark of caustic laughter escaped him. “You’re the other buyer? The one called No One?” His steel-colored eyes flickered, their expression derisive.

Oh, the emotion between these two. It’s no wonder it all explodes later…

I’ll try to have this done right next week. Happy Sunday!

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