Six Sentence Sunday 1

So I thought I’d try this for the first time since my idea for Quote of the Day on Facebook is bombing due to my totally lagging memory!

This is from my WIP Unbreak Me, a tale for the Spellbound Treasures shared world coming soon to Pink Petal Books. My hero is Major Marcus “Ren” Renniger. The heroine is Captain Tait Boland who is supposed to be dead. They are Pythian Elite warriors who use magic in conjunction with regular fighting skills. Ren thinks Tait betrayed him and sent his unit to their death.

Tait didn’t know what had clued him in as to her presence but Pythian warriors, especially those of the Elite, had skills and senses far above ordinary soldiers, and the man before her was the best of the best.

As he slowly turned to face her, she knew his awareness of her presence was personal. He didn’t just realize that someone stood there. He knew exactly who she was. Of course, the fact that they’d been lovers for five years and comrades in arms for eight probably gave him a heightened awareness of her despite the Alizar cloak that hid her from his hawk-like gaze.

“Are you here to finish the job?” he asked harshly.

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14 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday 1

  1. I really like this. intense, with a good bit of intrigue. Loved it

  2. Cyn… November for Sunstroked and you'll have your M/M. And maybe a little extra out on Veteran's Day from MLR Press too. 🙂

  3. Cynthia Osborne says:

    It sounds really great and if you had not put her in there I could get my mind around Tait being male, I bet Ren and Tait (male version) could have cause as much fun and a whole lot more fist fights without everyone getting all squimish and yelling that he is beating a girlie girl cooties UGH LEX I love you I need though..PLEASE!!

  4. Stacey says:

    Oh…tension before it even starts, I like it 🙂

  5. The cover is just beautiful and the snippet is intriguing!

  6. I especially love this cover, and the little snippet from the story drew me in. 🙂 Nice, Lex.

  7. stacey says:

    Oh damn, this sounds awesome!! Very intriguing!! 😀

  8. Lex says:

    Taryn – There's more to come for sure! A mystery to solve. Some magic to wield. And love conquers all of course!

  9. (How do you get the "last blog" thingie to pop up in comments, btw?)

  10. Oooh. Love a tangled, love-hate back story! More! More! More!

  11. Lex says:

    Lisa – It's not pretty in this part of the story. But it gets hotter and sweeter I promise!

  12. Lisa Fox says:

    Whoa! Very intense. What a great snippet. I totally want to know what happens next!

  13. Lex says:

    Oh I will, Dee. This is one of my deadlines. It's due out probably in December.

  14. Dee Carney says:

    Ooh! Reunited lovers is always an awesome theme to build from. Finish the job, baby!