Boys in Blue

Warning: Remember that I have an issue with being able to keep my mouth shut. Spoiler alert!

So I have a thing about series…you knew that right? I write them. I read them. I love them. The latest in my reading adventures started out simply enough, read a short story by Mia Watts about two cops, partners who have a little too much beer and do something two straight guys would never do. Bad Boys, Bad Boys turns out to be the first in the Boys in Blue series and when I discovered that the heroes of Bad Boys, Bad Boys were in another longer story I had to have it.

These first two books in the series (at least I hope this is only the beginning and not the sum total) are about Geo Wilson and Mack Sullivan, two detectives who’ve been partners for several years. Bad Boys, Bad Boys, as I said, is a short story. In it, we meet the two cops tying one on. Or rather, Geo is tying one on while remembering all the erotic dreams he’s had lately about about his partner Mack. Both Geo and Mack are straight with a long history of women in their pasts. Still, something’s happened recently inside Geo and his dreams are filled with lust for Mack. When his inebriation leads him to kiss Mack, it’s a domino that begins to drop a lot of other dominoes and inhibitions in succession.

Mack questions himself and his reaction to the kiss as he drives Geo home. His cock obviously liked it. And Mack finds himself filled with confusion mixed with a reluctant lust. At Geo’s house, things escalate as Mack tries to get Geo into bed so he can sleep off the drunk. Instead, Geo yanks down Mack’s pants revealing a hard cock that Geo instantly goes for. The resultant blow job blows the doors off of Mack.

Of course, Geo doesn’t remember it except in snatches after Mack confesses what happened. Mack acts like he wants to forget it, but Geo isn’t afraid to turn his back on what happened.  The rest of the short is about Geo chasing Mack. Not literally so much as figuratively. He wants to pursue the attraction and Mack is filled with denial and trepidation not to mention confusion. Through it all, Geo shines brightly as a man who isn’t into lying to himself or others. His attraction for his partner isn’t something he’s willing to compromise on. He wants Mack and he wants Mack to acknowledge that he wants Geo too.

The HFN leaves lots of questions in the reader’s mind. And it leaves this story open for author Mia Watts to return to it. Luckily for the reader, she does revisit Geo and Mack a year later in Reasonable Doubt. In the last year, the two men have grown closer and are now living together. They are in a committed relationship albeit a relationship that’s in the closet. They love each other and are at the stage where they express that freely. However, each man has doubts, albeit about different things.

Reasonable Doubt takes Geo and Mack’s relationship and adds a huge bump in the road to their HEA. First, there’s Geo’s ex, an FBI agent who walked out on him and never looked back. Then, there’s her partner, a snarky twink with a crush on Mack.  Geo allows Lauren to crawl all over him, thinking that Mack’s jealousy is a good thing because it means Mack loves him. Mack pushes Geo away and right at Lauren, thinking that if they had something commitment worthy, Geo wouldn’t let her touch him. At cross purposes, their relationship deteriorates into arguments and unhappiness. It’s not until Andy the twink FBI agent points out to Mack that he’s not much of a man to let a woman take his man away.

When Mack explodes out of his broody, sullen behavior and lays it all on the line, Geo instantly pushes away his ex and comes clean to Mack about his feelings. Their case escalates and comes to a close as Geo and Mack talk commitment and bring their relationship out into the open.

The longer story this time around gives the reader a more complete picture of Geo and Mack, their relationship and their emotions. Sure, there’s hot sex too, but it’s the emotions that I always look for in a book. Personally, I could have stood to have more emotion and description in the sex scenes. I like lots of internal thought about what they are feeling as well as how the sex itself feels. However, while Watts only delivers that at a what I’d call a basic level (she describes the acts themselves sparingly), she does make up for it in two ways. One, she has a way with sexual tension that will make your panties wet. And two, she’ll capture you with a sparkling dialog that shows the depth of the emotion between the two men. Sure, I was rooting for more hot descriptives, but I love good dialog and Mia Watts is great at it.

I’m not sure if there will be other books and if there are, if they will be about other couples or a return to Geo and Mack.  I’d sure like to see more of Geo and Mack. There seems to be more to their story than we’ve seen thus far. Maybe in future installments they’ll only be secondary characters, but still, more Mack and Geo is only a good thing.

I give Bad Boys, Bad Boys, a 4.5 and the longer, hotter Reasonable Doubt gets 4.75 which gives this series (at this point anyway) 4.75 Valentines.

4.5 Valentines

Bad Boys, Bad Boys: Boys in Blue Book 1

Total e-Bound

Short Story



What you gonna do when they cum for you? A police force partner submits to his desire while under the influence of alcohol. But since neither of the men are gay, what do they do with their lurking lust?

Geo Wilson has been partnered to Mack for three years. Sharing the same muscular build, dark hair, and olive complexion, they’ve been dubbed ‘the twins’ by the department. But lately Geo’s dreams have taken an erotic twist to centre around Mack.

Mack values his friendship with Geo, would give his life for the man. Then one night Geo has a few too many beers and plants a kiss on him, he can’t forget. He might have been able to pass it off as beer-haze except in helping Geo get back to his apartment, Mack is taken off guard by Geo’s tackle and a mind-numbing blow job.

Now the partnership has to redefine itself while the criminal world continues around them. They could lose their badges, or lose each other.

4.75 Valentines

Reasonable Doubt: Boys in Blue Book 2

Total eBound




Geo and Mack have faced a lot of problems, but when the problem is within their relationship, will Mack come clean and claim his man, or lose him to an old flame?

Geo Wilson’s feelings for his partner Mack Sullivan run deep. But formerly straight Mack grows distant when Geo’s old flame, a former female detective gone FBI, comes to town to take over the lead on their case. Geo makes no effort to discourage the woman, and Mack wonders if he missed the break up memo.

Geo’s apparent rejection hurts and Mack begins to have reasonable doubts about where they stand.

For Mack, taking the next step is a huge risk and one Geo has never taken before. Geo’s friendliness with the former girlfriend could be a sign of changing affection. It wouldn’t be the first time Geo has left a broken heart in his wake and Mack’s beginning to wonder if he’s just become another notch in Geo’s belt. All that’s left now is the case and as it comes to a close, will Mack and Geo catch the killer only to lose each other?

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3 Responses to Boys in Blue

  1. Darling,

    Thrilled that your writing is getting the attention it so rightly deserves! You're a talented writer, keep it up, the world's a little better place w/ folks like you in it. Hope you feel better soon. Lex certainly doesn't dole out undeserved praise, so take a bow, you've certainly earned it. I hope that despite my rather bristly exterior, you know that now and always nothing but love for you. It's time that I think we both get some love, don't you???



  2. OMG! I missed a book? *runs for Dangerous Distractions* That’s what I get for listening to my pals who thought there were only 2 in this series thus far. Now I’m dying to read the third book and I’m squirming to read about Andy and Knight!

    Thank you so much for coming by, Mia! I’ll be reading Dangerous Distractions next and it may end up with a Valentine review too!

  3. Mia Watts says:

    Wow, Lex. Thank you for the fantastic reviews. I’m actually working on Knight Moves for Rook’s partner (from Dangerous Distraction, also a Boys in Blue book) and Andy, the snarky twink who learns a thing or two about love.

    Because the originals were short stories, all the books in the series have to be short also. I’m working to make up for that by extending the stories into new books. I’m new to the series thing, but I’m really loving it.

    Thank you again for the review.