Fans or Thieves?

What do you do when someone loves you so much that they feel the need to share you with everyone? By share I mean give away. If you’re kinda stumped by what I’m saying, you’ll understand in a minute.

Someone is a big fan of Lex Valentine. This person loves Lex so much that they apparently bought all three of the Tales books that are out currently. It’s very flattering. Well, it would be if it weren’t for Google Alerts. Google Alerts showed me where this fan posted all three of my books on one of those pirate message boards. This person apparently loves Lex’s books soooo much that they even went to the trouble of copying the review blurbs from each book’s page here at to ensure that the board members would be interested in the books.

Wow. They must really love me to want to share me with the world like that.

nopriratesSome of my author pals asked if I pissed. I’m not. I’m incredibly sad. I’m not so stupid that I think we can eradicate the world of thieves and pirates who take money from our pockets by giving away our copyrighted works. I’m just really sad that someone would buy my books and love them so much that they just HAD to give them away to everyone else. This person made doubly sure that people would download those pirated copies by putting up all my glowing reviews.

I’m very sad to say that I don’t think that’s a true fan. I give away lots of copies of my books. More than I should probably. It’s really easy to win one of my contests actually. I never made it difficult. Yet, this person still felt the need to do this.

If too many of my “fans” do this, you may not see any more Lex Valentine books. Know why? It’s because I use the royalties I receive from my books to keep my computer up and running. Without a computer, there are no more books.

More pirates = less royalties = no money to fix computer when it breaks = no books from Lex.

It almost makes me want to just stay at The Bar Story. Almost. I know I have fans that are not like this fan. I know they understand that I live paycheck to paycheck, supporting a family of three and a lot of furbabies. I have a kid in college and a DH with dependency issues. I have health issues. And there is never enough money to go around.

So if you happen to know a fan who gives away my books because the books are so awesome they just can’t help themselves, let that person know that they are bringing about the eventual demise of Lex Valentine. Maybe then they won’t like me so much that they have to copy from my website and distribute my work for free.


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6 Responses to Fans or Thieves?

  1. Lisa Lane says:

    No real fan would steal a beloved author's work. It's inconsiderate, rude, and a financial slap in the face.

  2. Amelia says:

    Maybe ebooks should be distributed like Dara Joy’s for that reason. All her ebooks that I have, I MY name on the bottom of each page, whether it’s 40+ pages or 410 pages, my name is on every page. All of her books also have a individual password, for the purchaser of the book to have access into the story. Her books are not to be re-distributed, so if it was sold to ABC and is found on GHI’s computer, there is supposed to be some consequences. Dara is pretty much all self published now – after a legal suit with a publishing company that lasted for several years, I love her books, so I purchase them, knowing that they are not to be re-distributed amoung family & friends… So maybe if the epublishers could do something similiar, it would cut down on this Piracy that has happened to you, Lex, and I’m sure to some of the other ebook authors. I’m not sure how Dara has this set-up on her books, but I do have 4 or 5 and they are all like that.

  3. Janice~ says:

    That sucks, doesn't this "Fan" realize that he/she is cutting you out of your revnue?

    Damn pirates!


  4. This really stinks. I'm sorry it happened to you.

    Very very odd about the reviews being posted as well.

    .-= Jenna Alexander´s last blog ..Cerebral Reviews =-.

  5. Cheryl says:

    That is just horrible. I can understand your sadness. It is a bummer that this fan couldn't have just shared their thoughts without posting our reviews and sharing copies of your books.
    .-= Cheryl´s last blog ..A must have for high school and college students! =-.

  6. Aeryn Traxx says:

    As the unofficial head of your fan club (AME of course being your official fan club president) I am beyond pissed that someone would give your books away. I understand the motivation to want to turn people on to my fav female author but that does not mean that they should be giving your work away. I wish these people would understand that for every book downloaded from a pirate site money is literally sucked out of an authors pocket. I don't have an answer on how to stop or even curb this but heaven help anyone who happens to mention they uploaded a book onto a pirate site. Hell hath no furry like a ……well me actually.