Holiday Hotties

I’m feeling the Christmas spirit and no it’s not just the rum in my hot spiced cider, although that helps tremendously. I’ve had karma pay me back some good things this holiday season. I’ve had a few crappy things happen too, but I kinda figure that the crappy stuff is the stuff that always seems to dog my footsteps anyway. The good stuff was just weird and uncanny and made me feel really good about being an unselfish person.

So, since I am not selfish, I bring you yet another day of holiday hotties. Now, if you want my private stash of holiday hotties (the cumshots in Santa suits kinda kinky hotness LOL) you’ll have to just let me know in comments and I’ll email em to ya. 😉 Otherwise, this is what you’ll get from me…



Hope you enjoyed the holiday hotties! Happy Ho Ho!


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