Snoopy Dancing

Today I am Snoopy dancing. It’s not because tomorrow is my birthday either. It’s not because today is my hot Scottish friend Darrie’s birthday. It’s because Mary at Pink Petal Books offered me a contract for Shifting Winds! I am now an official author! Well, at least as soon as I sign the contract and send it to her. 😉

I suppose now, Declan and Althea (whose name will revert back to my original name choice of Elysia) will be my favorite characters because they were the ones to be accepted by a publisher first.  Actually, Lex and Alaric are still my fave characters, even though Alaric isn’t my character.  No other characters could ever take their place. However, Declan and Elysia are truly special. I knew it as I was writing them.

Now, I think I’m running out of words to convey my excitement. So I’ll just leave you a link to the post I have on Sunlight Sucks today. It’s called Vindicated and it’s about reading my email in bed and discovering I’d been offered a contract. So, you all head on over there to read that post and I’ll just kick back and do some more Snoopy dancing.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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9 Responses to Snoopy Dancing

  1. martymankins says:

    I thought I posted out here offering my biggest congrats? So cool. You know how I feel about your writing endeavors. Major kudos and congrats to you, Lex.

    <abbr><abbr>martymankinss last blog post..Snowy Sunday #06</abbr></abbr>

  2. Kaige says:

    Well, I'm late to the party, but Congrats!!! And Happy Birthday!! You share it with my aunt… so that balances it out with all sorts of goodness for me now. 😉

    <abbr><abbr>Kaiges last blog post..No NaNoWriMo for Me…</abbr></abbr>

  3. Lex says:

    Mary – MUAH! I only tolerate that kinda singing from YOU. Thanks!

    <abbr><abbr>Lexs last blog post..Snoopy Dancing</abbr></abbr>

  4. maryO says:

    See it is good to know people named Mary. We always do ya right 😉

    I will direct you over to Sunlight cause I aint singing like that again. Congrats and Happy b-day!!

    <abbr><abbr>maryOs last blog post..Halloween inspritation</abbr></abbr>

  5. Lex says:

    Mary – You're my new hero! I won't squee. Not gonna spoil my record… but I'm rejoicing in all the squees my friends are releasing. 😀 Thank you so very much!

    <abbr><abbr>Lexs last blog post..Snoopy Dancing</abbr></abbr>

  6. Mary Winter says:

    This came through my google alerts! Congratulations, hon! You're totally allowed to squee!!!!! I loved your story and can't wait to see more. 🙂

    <abbr><abbr>Mary Winters last blog post..New Review & Contest Reminder</abbr></abbr>

  7. Lex says:

    BPR – I appreciate your words and your support! You're allowed to squee. I don't mind them so much today. 😉

    Jen – I know you kept telling me that. I will never ever doubt you again! 😉

    *HUGS* to you both and thanks!

    <abbr><abbr>Lexs last blog post..Can Vampires Be Gay?</abbr></abbr>

  8. It was only a matter of time, darlin'. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

    <abbr><abbr>Jennifer McKenzies last blog post..Welcome</abbr></abbr>

  9. bluepaintred says:

    Wow lex! I think "Vindication" is the exact word for how you feel. You have been telling us all along that YOU know you were meant to be published, and here you are!

    In the last few months/weeks, I have read your posts and your tweets and seen just how busy, how dedicated you are to writing. Not just any writing, but GOOD writing!

    You deserve this, and I gotta say, I did a little squee myself when I read your twitter this morning!

    <abbr><abbr>bluepaintreds last blog post..The boy who made me a Mother</abbr></abbr>