The Name Game

So the other man in the menage didn’t wanna talk to me. He was letting Jared do all the talking. However, I think he’s been hanging out with Jen’s characters because when I was in the shower this morning, he explained to me that he was pissed. He’s not a Tim. He’s not an Austin. He’s … Kevin Kearney.

Ok, so I didn’t have his name right. My bad. But it was a little hard to get his name right when Jared was babbling away. While I was in the shower, Kevin explained to me just who he was and why. He’s so deep he makes Jared look like a dilettante.

Now that I’ve played the name game, Kevin talks to me more more easily. Venetia is still not talking much, but I think she’s just absorbing Kevin’s story. Eventually here, she’s gonna give me more of her motivations. After all, a single successful woman like her doesn’t need the baggage these two men are about to hand her. Let’s see what you think…

Venetia Colchester is a hedonist. At least, she wants to be. She’s been trying to get into the ultra exclusive Hedonist Club for nearly ten years, but entrance had been denied her. The owner of a successful software company, Venetia is looking for sexual games not a relationship. At least, that’s what she always told herself, until the day her company buys a smaller software company and she meets the man who owned it.

Jared Quentin wants to retire. He’s tired of the rat race. All he wants to do now is enjoy his money, work occasionally on programming, and have kids. The problem is, Jared doesn’t have a wife or a girlfriend. As new owner of the Hedonist Club, Jared is the epitome of a hedonist. Multiple partners, no ties. Buying the club was a perfect fit for him. So how does a man with a sexually open lifestyle and no permanent female partners go about adding kids to the equation? By finding the one woman who could live his lifestyle with him.

Kevin Kearney was once at the top of his game. Tennis, that is. The US Open. The French Open. Wimbledon. The Australian Open. Kevin won them all in the same year. Then tragedy struck. Kevin was left to pick up the shattered pieces of his life and his knee. Filled with both physical and emotional pain, Kevin struggled for three long years until he met Jared at the Hedonist Club. The two men became best friends, sharing women for several years until the day Jared brought Venetia to the club. Kevin took one look at her and realized that all their fun and games were over… or were they?

It’s a twisted tale of three people who think that what they want in life is to be sexually free. For Venetia, that sexual freedom is set aside to give the man she’s fallen in love with his dream. For Jared, that freedom is willingly traded for a chance to have everything. And for Kevin, his heart may be locked away, but he can still meet the needs of his body and soul by sharing himself with his two best friends, so that none of them has to stop being a hedonist.

Not just a story of sex games now is it? Each of these characters has a twisted motivation to begin this menage. Each of them is selfish in the beginning. Soon, they each learn that it’s not about the taking of pleasure, but the giving.

So now that Kevin’s name is set, maybe he’ll stop listening to Jen’s characters and will leave me alone in the shower. Although, a shower with a tennis star sure sounded hot to me.

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