Shut Up!

Sometimes my characters talk too much. Here’s an example of this. The menage story started to take shape because the heroine started talking to me about one of the two heroes. She really likes him. He’s really hot. She drooled over him a little and then fell silent. So he started talking to me. He likes her too. He thinks she’s a good fit for his “lifestyle”. Then he started talking about the third party in the menage. In fact, he talked about him a lot. So much that I wanted to tell him to shut up.

So now Venetia is kinda quiet. I think she was listening to Jared talk too. Cause yanno, Jared seems to be able to talk about Tim (the 3rd in the menage) all day long. Seems Tim has an especially tragic background. This tragedy in his life is what has led him to a life of sex without commitment – other than friendship. I guess the reason Jared talks so much about Tim to me is that he’s trying to get Tim’s motivations through to me, but honestly, Tim coulda done it.

I hadn’t originally thought Jared would be the talkative kind. Apparently, I was wrong. Tim isn’t the talkative kind. He’s only said a little to me. He’s letting Jared do all the talking. I guess Venetia has decided to shut up too and let Jared talk. So annoying.

At just under 2200 words I stopped tonight because I really needed Venetia to talk to me, but Jared was still jabbering away. I stopped right at the point where Tim enters the story. He didn’t say anything except “Am I interrupting?” and then he went silent. Jared’s still blathering away in the background, and Venetia is awed by the young blonde god in front of her. I didn’t expect her to say anything. Right now, her boobs are doing all the talking she is capable of.

I think the other reason I had to stop was because I’m not sure I like Tim’s name. I’m starting to see Tim Allen and that is so not who this guy is. Maybe Kevin would be a better name… or Max. No, not Max. I need a California surfer boy name that isn’t a wussy name. I suppose stopping was the right thing to do because now I need to play the name game.

Meanwhile, Jared is still droning on at the back of my head. I swear this man has it ALL figured out. Maybe he needs to be the one who ends up having issues. Certainly, if he keeps talking too much, I’m gonna have issues with HIM.

What do you think? Should I risk him getting offended and just tell old Jared to shut up? Or do I just let him control the flow? I may have to take drastic measures or I’ll never get to sleep!

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2 Responses to Shut Up!

  1. Lex says:

    Jason – If I could just write what you live… oh, baby the erotica I could spit out. Ok, maybe I would omit the sprained ankle in the park and leave it at al fresco sex. Thanks so much for coming by!

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