Don’t Blame Me…

Meh. It’s Super Tuesday. I don’t like politics. Mostly, because it doesn’t like me. Nothing much goes right for me when it comes to the economy. I’ll go vote, but I feel really reluctant to do so for some unfathomable reason. Well, the reason isn’t unfathomable actually. It’s because I don’t think it will make a difference who is in office. I think the same living conditions I have today will apply in 4 years. Regardless of who is in office.

This is going to be the first time I’ve walked into a voting booth (they still have those don’t they?) since my daughter was born in 1989. I’ve used an absentee ballot since then. I should have done it this time too, but I think, indecisive as I am, that I need to do it in person. I still feel like I’m dragging my feet though. I feel like I’m going to pay a bill. I guess in a sense I am.

I don’t mind reading about politics. I read the Libertine and he talks politics. I watched all the debates on CNN. It was sort of inevitable that I would since CNN is about the only thing I watch on TV. I’m not afraid to say I’m a registered Dem. I vote my conscience though so if I liked a Republican enough, I would vote for him/her.

Watching the stuff on CNN has made me dislike a few people. Mitt Romney comes off as sleazy and slick to me. Back on MLK day when he was doing the “who let the dogs out” thing and telling that baby he had his “bling” on… BAH! What a loser! I like Mike Huckabee’s smile. I admire McCain’s courage when he was a POW. It would be interesting to see a black man or a woman in the Oval Office. I wonder if either of those two, who would be the first of their kind as President, would make a difference. I suspect not.

At the sim chat this past weekend, I was PM’d and told that I should vote for Obama because Hillary is so hated she doesn’t stand a chance against McCain. My reply was that I don’t vote who I think has the best chance against the Republicans. I vote for who I like the best. I gotta vote my conscience no matter what. Also, in the sim chat this weekend was one of the guys from Del Penn, a residency known for its ultra conservative members. Their token liberal was in chat and told me I need to come around their message board more often. Well, as a California native and a Democrat, they chide me gently there. Gently, because I’m a girl and they like me and I don’t talk politics with them. LOL

So, I head off to their board last night and sign in. The first thing I see is a ProBoards ad for Obama. THAT was amusing. I posted a new topic in their Tavern about how Whirlwind (Jeff) had told me to stop by and when I did, I was faced with this ad. I told them I was shocked to see such an ad at such a conservative outpost. Then I made a joke that the ad was there for The Avenger to use as target practice. I wondered after I posted if they would think I meant that Obama himself should be used by TA for target practice or if they would realize I meant the ad banner should be the target. Sometimes it’s hard to be politically correct. At least I didn’t say that Raider should drag the poor candidate behind his truck. THAT would have been VERY politically incorrect.

Did I say in this post that I don’t like politics? I must have. *sigh* Time to go vote. Indian gaming, no Indian gaming. Sheesh. I feel like a lamb going to the slaughter. Well, I did find a funny picture about voting. I am going to vote. Don’t blame me if someone you don’t like wins. I’m voting for Gary Coleman.

Laters peeps!

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