Presents from Scotland

So this really hot guy half my age sent me presents. It was totally sweet of him, but he’s like that…obviously a giver. My daughter and I haven’t decimated all the chocolate yet, but it’s obviously been ravaged. It’s funny to us that the Cadbury chocolate bars have different names than they do in the US. Well, they are different kinds of bars than we have too.

The candles, shower gel and scent are all really nice too. They smell a lot like Fallen Angel, this perfume a co-worker brought me from England many years ago. Fallen Angel came from Pecksniff’s a bespoke perfumery. Last year, I contacted Pecksniff’s online in an effort to get more Fallen Angel. No dice. They don’t make it any more. So, I was even more delighted by the stuff Darrie sent me because it smells so like Fallen Angel which I adore.

There was another gift in the package which maybe I shouldn’t talk about here. It was of a… ahem, personal nature. The funny thing is about items of a personal nature… I’ve never been one to use them much. I’ll give this one a whirl though just because Darrie thought enough of me to send it.

I’m much better at giving gifts than receiving them. I’m about to send my Shiny a belated birthday gift, which I hope she likes. I tried to make her a calendar, each month depicting a different character that she writes at the Bar. However, I’ve discovered that this requires high res images and I haven’t been able to get those for all of her characters so I’ve made her something else with her favorite character, Johann Kohl on it. I know it would never top the present her DH got her, a new cell phone, but hey, I’m sure she’ll like it. What’s not to like about a gift with Chris Evans’ face on it?

It’s been a present kind of season from October until now. Jen’s birthday started out October, then Darrie and I had birthdays at the end of October. After that, it was Christmas and now Valentine’s day is coming. Soon, my kid will be another year older! ACK! I so didn’t want to go there…

Well, it was awesome getting a gift from Scotland. I’m not sure how much, if any, Darrie’s girlfriend Nik assisted in the gift purchasing, but MUAH! to both Darrie and Nik. You’re special peeps, and I luvs ya!

Laters everyone!

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